Introducing the Dovetail Evaluation: Custom Fit Edition

Asera Psychological Dynamics is pleased to announce the release of the Dovetail Evaluation: Custom Fit Edition. This latest version of our tried and true evaluative technology is ideally suited for rapid, accurate candidate screening at a price that any organization can afford.

The Dovetail Evaluation is based on the principle that personality is a fundamentally important predictor for whether a person will be successful in a given job or company. Despite its importance, there have been no reliable ways to measure personality across a group of candidates while comparing them scientifically to the needs of a specific job. The Dovetail Evaluation Custom Fit Edition allows companies to screen hundreds of candidates for each job and identify, based on their personality, those most likely to successfully fit as well as those most likely to be disruptive to the workplace.

The Custom Fit Edition is a further advancement of techniques and technologies that have been used to evaluate tens of thousands of job candidates. These techniques were developed and refined by our elite scientific team and are backed up by rigorous academic studies.

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