Future Authoring helps people thrive

It's a self-contained program that helps people set life goals and make a plan to achieve them. It takes as little as a few hours with results that last a lifetime.

Thousands of students have completed the Future Authoring program with proven benefits. Peer-reviewed academic studies have shown Future Authoring participants:


earn 29% higher GPA


earn 32% more credits


have a 40% lower dropout rate

Over 10,000 people have used Future Authoring

Two Steps to Success

1. Design Your Ideal Future

Many people have never put real thought into their life goals. Future Authoring starts by guiding participants in developing meaningful life goals. Thoughtful questions help participants create goals for all aspects of their lives. When step one is complete, participants have a vision of their ideal future.

2. Make A Plan To Get There

Now that participants can see their ideal future, it's time to figure out how to get there. Step two of Future Authoring guides participants in drafting concrete steps towards success. At the end of step two, participants see the actions they can take today to start down the path to their ideal future.

Who is Future Authoring for? 

Executives looking to make the next big step in their careers. High school students getting on track for college. People struggling with their weight or health. Salespeople who want to be more motivated. Anyone who wants more direction in their life. 

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