The Dovetail Evaluation is a situational placement tool that enables employers to assess candidates based on how they compare to current high-performers, rather than on job history, personality, or other traditional measures.

Designed and developed by clinical psychologists at Harvard University, University of Toronto, and McGill University, the Dovetail Evaluation combines proven clinical measures with proprietary evaluation and scoring techniques to arrive at unrivaled accuracy in predicting future performance.


The Dovetail Evaluation establishes an aggregate "fit profile" against which candidates for a position can be considered. This profile consists of planning and organizational skill measures, as well as a complete psychological profile utilizing clinically and academically accepted categories.

Once the "fit profile" has been established by high-performers, incoming candidates simply take the Dovetail Evaluation and can be assessed on how well they match the profile.


In academic studies, the Dovetail Evaluation has proven to be a better indicator of future performance in a given job placement than any other predictive measure. This includes job tryout, reference checks, intensive interviews, and all other traditional placement mechanisms.


  • Delivered online on any computer with an internet connection - no need for supervision
  • Evaluations take as little as 30 minutes
  • Foolproof: With no single standard for success, participants are unable to game the evaluation to achieve a certain desired result
  • Dynamic fit profile can be adjusted for specific populations and circumstances