Finally, the information you need to make educated hiring decisions. 

The Dovetail Evaluation measures personality traits & abilities in job applicants. It's 100% online and results are instantaneous.

For each applicant, Dovetail tells you:

Do they tolerate stress well?

Will they like working on a big team?

Are they going to meet deadlines?

Will they be able to make cold calls?

And more...

The Dovetail Process

Step One

We learn about your company culture & the job

Step Two

We customize an evaluation to your unique needs

Step Three

Applicants take the evaluation at home or wherever they're most comfortable

Step Four

You review the results & decide which applicants to interview

Why Choose Dovetail?

Fake-Proof Proprietary psychometric techniques prevent applicants from obscuring aspects of their personality.

Customized Each evaluation is tailored to the needs of your company and the job.

Cost-Effective We charge by the search, not the applicant. Any company can afford Dovetail.

Proven Accuracy

In academic studies, the Dovetail Evaluation outperformed other techniques when predicting performance. 

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